Sportfishing charters San José del cabo with Daliken



Fish reports san jose del Cabo

Fish reports san Jose del Cabo

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amberjack season

20 to 80 pounds bottom fishing 

Our catch in the 24ft panga $310 USD All included for one to two people (fishing licenses, bait, waters and Cooler with ice)

The reliability of fishing in a 24ft super panga is high, as it is a versatile vessel. Its capability to catch large fish is enhanced by its proper equipment and size, providing a satisfying experience for two people. Additionally, the presence of an onboard toilet adds comfort, making the fishing trip more enjoyable.

Fish Reports San José del cabo

**San José del Cabo Fishing Report**


**Location:** San Luis Bank, 16 miles from Marina Puerto Los Cabos.


**Targeted Species:** Tuna, Mahi Mahi.


**Current Conditions:**

– The weather conditions are favorable for fishing, with clear skies and light winds.

– The water temperature is optimal for the activity of the target species, offering good fishing opportunities.

– The ocean currents are stable, which enhances the presence of fish near the surface.


**Fishing Information:**

– **Tuna:** Consistent catches of tuna have been reported in the area. It is recommended to use lures such as spoons, rapalas, and jigs to attract these sizable fish.

– **Mahi Mahi:** Anglers have been successful in catching Mahi Mahi in the vicinity of San Luis Bank. Using live baits such as squids or sardines, as well as brightly colored lures, is advised to attract these colorful species.



– Anglers are advised to head out early in the morning to take advantage of optimal fishing conditions.

– Use appropriate fishing gear for catching tuna and Mahi Mahi, including sturdy rods and reels with sufficient line capacity.

– Stay informed about local fishing regulations and respect the catch limits established to contribute to the conservation of fish populations.


With these conditions and recommendations, anglers are expected to enjoy a successful fishing outing in San José del Cabo, specifically in the area of San Luis Bank. Good luck on your next fishing adventure!

Fish Reports San José del cabo